Faiz Indigo Bandhani Shawl


Handmade scarf using ancient tie-dye and screen print techniques.

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These indigo scarves are created using ancient tie-dye techniques known as bandhani and shibori. These unique, handmade scarves are true works of art!

Bandhani is an ancient Indian textile technique. Painstakingly prepared by master artisans in village textile communities, these designs are created from tightly wrapping puckers of fabric. After the dying process is complete, the fine cotton threads are unraveled to reveal the distinct dimpled, elastic texture of the finished piece. An alternate technique is shibori. This traditional technique uses thread in a different way, isolating many small repeated points on the fabric to produce stunning, detailed designs. The ends of both scarves are then screen printed in various, detailed motifs for contrast and appeal. Depending on the complexity of the design, a single piece can take an artisan community several weeks to complete. We are proud to partner with a master craftspeople from the Gujarat region of India who has been creating these stunning pieces for generations.

Indian bandhani started 5000 years ago and is a form of the Japanese Shibori technique. The technique, which is practiced by different cultures around the world, inherently transforms a 2-dimensional cloth into a 3-dimentional surface. Traditionally fabric is folded in half before tying the fabric and dying. It is a multi-step, labor intensive process. The finest bandhani is produced in Rajasthan and Gurat in India.

  • Handmade
  • Tie-Dye
  • Made in India
Colors Indigo
Size Approx. 27.5- 39.5” x 71-78″
Fabric 80% Modal, 20% Silk
COO Made in India


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