Hand Weaving

Hand weaving is an integral part of India life with a rural textile industry consisting of over 4 million families. In a small village on the Ganges River in West Bengal, live a cluster of extraordinary weavers with whom we work. Most people here have propagated their craft for generations. From dying and spinning of the yards, the winding of the bobbins and preparing the looms, the hand weaving process is a multi-step, labor intensive, collaborative endeavor. With great expertise, handloom weavers begin by interlace two distinct yarns to set the loom shafts. This is a two-person job often done outside in good lighting and good weather. It is meticulous work that takes great eye strain and finger manipulation. Later these are used in the pit looms where it can take a day ore more to weave the actual fabrics.  This hand woven technique is labor intensive but results in superior fabrics with a special hand feel. Printing the final designs is done by hand, and washing and finishing works follows.  The creation of each piece requires many hours & involves many members of a community but despite the challenges, the result is a truly unique and stunning design.