Looking for that perfect compliment to your next exhibit or special event? Bring your unique, custom designs to life with our custom print services. Let us digitally print or weave your design onto the fabric of your choice, for a truly personal and unique product that is sure to boost sales and drive home a winning campaign. Contact us directly to start your project today!

  • Minimum purchase requirement: 100pc per color.
  • Design/Production Time: 120-180 days


Many retailers enjoy the added, low cost benefits of bringing Trunk Shows into their shops to build excitement and boost sales for special events.  We will work with you to select one of a kind items, current and/or previous stock items based on the your input for season, pricing, colors, and fabric. Dupatta Trunk Shows are comprised of 25-50 select items that are sent to you on consignment 1 week prior to your event. After your event, you may return any unsold items at our expense.

  • Schedule your trunk show at least 4 weeks in advance. While our goal is to accommodate as many requests as possible, items are limited – so it’s best to plan early.
  • A $25 consignment fee, plus shipping charges, is required at time of shipment.
  • Pay for what you sell, return what you don't!  Keep all the product and the consignment fee will be credited.


Expand your online presence by adding more products to your website without investing and managing excess inventory. it's easy... we will provide images and product info for the select styles you wish to add to you web store. When you get an order, we will drop ship items direct to your customers! Here's how it works:

  • Email us your product and customer details for each order.
  • We will charge a flat shipping rate or use your preferred carrier account.
  • You are invoiced directly and we ship to the customer after payment.
  • Most orders ship within 24hrs.